Page 37. " He jump up to put a hammer lock under her chin, she throw him over her back. "


Page 41. " Let's make quilt pieces out of these messed up curtains, she say. "

Public DomainQuilt
This is the first mention of quilting in the novel. Quilting is linked throughout the book to ideas of sisterhood.

The women work together sewing patches of scraps in order to make a quilt. It is a tradition connecting with ideas of oneness and unity.

Page 44. " A shiny black hat with what look like chickinhawk feathers "
GNU Free Documentation Licensehawk - Credit: Mila Zinkova

The Red-tailed Hawk (Buteo jamaicensis) is a bird of prey, one of three species colloquially known in the US as the chickenhawk, though it rarely preys on chickens. Females are on average about 25 per cent heavier than males.

The Red-tailed Hawk ia also significant in Native American culture. The feathers are used in religious ceremonies and considered sacred by some tribes.

This imagery connects to the idea of Shug, in Celie's mind, as larger than life and sacred.

Page 49. " I sop up ham gravey and splosh my eggs in with my grits. "
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Southern food, from the states south of the Mason-Dixon Line and extending west to Texas, includes pecan pie, country ham, fried chicken, chicken-fried steak, grits, buttermilk biscuits (especially with gravy or sorghum), pimento cheese, pit barbecue, catfish, fried green tomatoes, fried dill pickles, bread pudding, okra, butter beans, pinto beans, turnip, collard (or mustard greens) and black eyed peas. Drinks include mint julep and sweet tea.