"When she left the set the trap was sitting naked on the ground with only a handful of dirt over the waxed paper covering the pan"

When the Parhams come upon their exposed traps, they are following in the footsteps of Echols, Seton and McBride who all recorded similar instances of a hunted wolf having dug out their traps.

Although one character likens trying to get the best of a wolf with trying to get the best of a child (‘It aint that they’re smarter. It’s just that they aint got all that much else to think about’ [p.27]), this does a disservice to the wolf’s fearsome intelligence and almost preternatural awareness of its surroundings.

The embedded video, taken from PBS’s recreation of Seton’s hunt for the wolf Lobo, includes expert testimony to that intelligence and the difficulty involved in trapping such an animal.


Mexican Grey Wolf
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeMexican Grey Wolf - Credit: Eric Kilby