"He'd ridden east in late winter of that year and joined Maclovio Herrera"
Maclovio Herrera
Public DomainMaclovio Herrera - Credit: Bain News Service

The military career of Maclovio Herrera perfectly encapsulates the bitter, internecine nature of the Mexican Revolution.

The Herrera family had been loyal Villa supporters at the outset of the revolution: Maclovio Herrera and his brother Luis had been officers in his army. But following Villa’s split with Carranza, Herrera defected to Carranza’s forces. Angered by this betrayal, Villa swore to end the Herrera family. After Maclovio and Luis were killed fighting Villa’s forces at the Battle of Torreón, Villa kept his word and ordered the execution of their father José de Luz Herrera alongside his other two sons in March 1919.