"In April he had fought at Durango with the rebels under Contreras and Pereyra"
Calixto Contreras (October 13, 1862 - July 22, 1916)
Public DomainCalixto Contreras - Credit: Archivo General de la Nación
Main Street of Durango during the war
Public DomainMain Street of Durango during the war - Credit: National Photo Company Collection (Library of Congress)
Orestes Pereyra
Public DomainOrestes Pereyra - Credit: Archivo General de la Nación

In April 1913 Calixto Contreras and Orestes Pereyra led an attempt to take the city of Durango, but were repulsed by federal forces under the command of Jesus ‘Cheche’ Campos.

Both Contreras, a professional soldier, and Pereyra, a tinsmith, had been involved in the Revolution from the start, taking part separately in the Madero uprisings of 1910 in their homestate of Durango.  After joining up with the División del Norte, Contreras became one of Villa’s leading generals and Pereyra attained the rank of brigadier general. Both men remained loyal to Villa to the end, even after he had suffered his most devastating defeats.

Pereyra was captured by Carranza’s forces and shot in November 1915. Contreras died three years later at the Battle of Guadalupe.







Los Dorados De Durango – Corrido De Durango (The Corrido of Durango