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Felipe Ángeles (June 13, 1868 - November 26, 1919)
Public DomainFelipe Ángeles (June 13, 1868 - November 26, 1919) - Credit: Tatehuari

Felipe Ángeles Ramirez was one of the finest military strategists of the Mexican Revolution and one its true tragic heroes.

An early supporter of President Francisco I. Madero, Ángeles was arrested along with Madero in 1913 and exiled, but he soon returned and allied himself first with Venustiano Carranza and then with Pancho Villa in the violent years that followed. It was Ángeles who formulated the rebel grand strategy of a three-prong attack south to Mexico City, as well as masterminding most of the rebel’s military triumphs of 1914 as Villa’s Chief of Artillery.

Despite this, Ángeles was a consistent voice for peace, regularly offering amnesties to defeated soldiers and attending the Aguascalientes conference in 1914, which sought to bring peace to Mexico.

A deeply humanitarian man, Ángeles quit Villa's camp during the summer of 1919 having grown increasingly disillusioned that there was no end in sight to the bitter civil war. He was eventually captured, tried and executed in 1919 by forces loyal to Carranza.

General Felipe Ángeles (c. 1912-1919)
Public DomainGeneral Felipe Ángeles (c. 1912-1919) - Credit: Library of Congress





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