"Her ancestors had hunted camels and primitive toy horses on these grounds"
Eurasian Wolf (Canis lupus lupus)
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeEurasian Wolf (Canis lupus lupus) - Credit: Daniel Mott

The Grey Wolf (Canis lupus) originally entered North America from Eurasia via the Bering Strait land bridge between Alaska and Siberia during the Early Pleistocene. The Mexican Wolf then evolved from a group of Grey Wolves which had claimed territory in the southwestern United States and Mexico.

During the Pleistocene Epoch these wolves would have preyed on early camel relatives such as the Camelop and the pony-sized Hypohippus (‘Low Horse'). By the end of the Pleistocene, both the Camelop and the Hypohippus were extinct (probably after the arrival of human hunters).


Fossil skeleton of Camelis heternus
Creative Commons AttributionFossil skeleton of Camelop (Camelops hesternus) - Credit: Jametiks
Hypohippus, by Heinrich Harder
Public DomainHypohippus (Hypohippus osborni) - Credit: The Wonderful Paleo Art of Heinrich Harder