"The younger man said that he had received three bullets in the chest at Zacatecas and lain in the streets in darkness and cold while the dogs drank his blood"
Zacatecas (c. 1914)
Public DomainZacatecas (c. 1914) - Credit: Bain News Service

The Battle of Zacatecas was one of the bloodiest engagements of the Mexican Revolution and decisive in the overthrow of Victoriano Huerta.

On June 23, 1914, Villa’s División del Norte claimed the strategically important town after defeating the federal troops of General Luís Medina Barrón. The rebel victory demoralized Huerta's supporters, leading to his resignation on July 15.


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Los Errantes – La Toma De Zacatecas (The Taking of Zacatecas)