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Page 194. " they rode past the walled ruins of the ancient mud city of the Chichimeca "
Creative Commons AttributionPaquimé - Credit: Iker Merodio
Paquimé ruins in 1902
Public DomainPaquimé ruins in 1902 - Credit: Carl S. Lumholtz

Also known as Gran Chichimeca and Casas Grandes (‘Big Houses’), the Paquimé civilization dates back to the 8th century and became the major Indian trading settlement in northern Mexico during the 14th and 15th centuries. At its peak, the local population is estimated to have been around 10,000.

Paquimé rapidly declined in influence following the Spanish Conquest of Mexico and was finally abandoned in the 17th century after further Spanish colonisation displaced many of the indigenous peoples in the surrounding area.


Partially reconstructed Paquimé dwellings
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikePartially reconstructed Paquimé dwellings - Credit: HJPD