Page 128. " After considerable debate, Carol and Thomas decided to meet for dinner at Legal Sea Foods, one of the more popular restaurants in the District "

                                                                                        Legal Sea Foods, Washington, D.C.


Legal Sea Food Oysters
Public DomainLegal Sea Food Oysters

 After they perused the menu, they selected appetizers of Rhode Island style fried calamari and Maryland “Style” crab cakes. For entrees, Carol ordered the Lobster Ravioli and Thomas got the Grilled Everything Tuna.




















“It actually started as a seafood market, but the owners decided to branch out into therestaurant business. I love raw oysters, and I feel perfectly safe having them here. I have no hesitation to order my tuna rare or clams on the half shell. Their policy is to inspect all their shellfish for bacteria. The buy their fish directly at the docks, demand the last-day catch and monitor its temperature every 30 seconds along the way to the restaurant. That’s about as thorough as you can get.”




Page 137. " Thomas picked up a rental car, and they headed toward the place many residents proudly called “The City.” As they approached the Financial District, they looped past China Basin before they passed over the Bay Bridge to the East Bay. "



Page 144. " Chemical companies continue to insist that their own studies have shown no correlation between high incidences of cancer and living near major Bay Area industrial facilities. These companies spend millions funding these disinformation programs. "




Page 146. " Carol, you might be interested in knowing that the Village of Birchtown, not far from here in Shelburne, was settled in 1783 by nearly a thousand Black Loyalists who supported the British during the Revolutionary War. It was the largest settlement of free Blacks in North America. "

The Shelburne County Genealogical Society contains some of the most extensive records for tracing family histories in North America.

Map of Black Settlements in Nova Scotia
GNU Free Documentation LicenseMap of Black Settlements in Nova Scotia - Credit: Halifxnblack

Shelburne County Museum
Public DomainShelburne County Museum - Credit: Christian Elliott