Page 229. " Thomas drove past the main campus on South Street, passed the QEII Health Sciences Centre and Wickwire Field where students casually tossed Frisbees and footballs, then turned on Oxford Street. There they saw the Henry Hicks Building, a classic Georgian ivy covered structure. It is the oldest building on campus, located on Studley Square. "

Page 231. " Once on the highway, they could not help but notice the beautiful landscape that laid before them, accented by clear blue skies dotted with billowy white clouds. The Lighthouse Route, which follows the Nova Scotia shoreline, revealed one picturesque sight after another. "

                                                                                   The Lighthouse Route, Nova Scotia


The Lighthouse Route (500 * 408)
Public DomainThe Lighthouse Route













Page 241. " Liverpool is known as the port of the privateers, who operated under authority of the Queen of England. Between 1760 and 1812, it was the privateering capital of the world. "

                                                                                         Liverpool, home of the pirates




Page 246. " Carol, you might be interested in knowing that the Village of Birchtown, not far from here in Shelburne, was settled in 1783 by nearly a thousand Black Loyalists who supported the British during the Revolutionary War. It was the largest settlement of free Blacks in North America. "

The Shelburne County Genealogical Society contains some of the most extensive records for tracing family histories in North America.


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