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Page 301. " In the cold, Newgate meat market was just about bearable "
Newgate Meat Market, 1845
Public DomainNewgate Meat Market, 1845 - Credit: Illustrated London News

Newgate meat market lay in the City of London, between Newgate Street and Paternoster Row, roughly where the London Stock Exchange and Paternoster Square are now.



Women regularly worked in the market. In July 1841, Blackwood's magazine commented:

It would scarcely be credited that, in splendid London, women are subjected to various kinds of severe and repulsive toil .... For example, the porterage of meat at the wholesale markets, as Newgate and Leadenhall, is performed by women, many of them old. You will see these wretched creatures stagger under the weight of a side of beef, or having an entire sheep upon their heads, conveying their burdens to the butchers carts, drawn up in the vicinity of the market ...

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