"three ceremonial glasses of tea flavoured with amber and mint"
Mint tea
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeMint tea - Credit: Olve Utne

Mint tea is a classic tea which hails from Morocco, but is now common across all of North Africa. Flavoured with fresh mint, the tea is very strong, and traditionally prepared by men. It is not served with meals, but is usually associated with hospitality - often it will be served to guests.

It is traditional to serve the tea three times, as the tastes changes as the tea steeps - it even has its own proverb:

Le premier verre est aussi amer que la vie,

le deuxième est aussi fort que l'amour,

le troisième est aussi doux que la mort.

The first glass is as bitter as life,

the second glass is as strong as love,

the third glass is as gentle as death.


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