Page 29. " The sappers haven't gone in there yet to clear it. "

The term 'sapper' is commonly given to combat engineers in the British, Commonwealth and Polish armed forces. Their duties can include bridge building, they laying or defusing of mines and bombs, constructing field defences, as well as general building and repair.

Page 29. " I need gelato. "
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeGelato - Credit: Frédéric de Villamil

Gelato or gelati is a type of Italian ice cream - and one of the best things to enjoy in Europe on a hot summer day. Made with less fat than ice cream, gelato is also churned at a lower speed, meaning the flavours are far richer. My guaranteed favourite combo? Pistachio and coffee.


Page 31. " The man named Caravaggio "
Page 32. " you should find out more about Verdi "

Page 33. " a small bar with a Wurlitzer "

Page 33. " Listen to Frank Sinatra singing. "
Page 33. " she seems calm in this universe of hers "
Page 33. " the Medicis considering a balustrade or window "
Page 34. " They nearly chopped off my fucking hands. "
Page 35. " checked by the Gestapo "
Page 40. " Santa Chiara Hospital in Pisa "
Page 40. " white marle of the Duomo "
Page 40. " and the Camposanto "
Page 41. " Nurses too became shell-shocked from the dying around them. "

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Page 41. " All the costal ports, such as Sorreto and Marina di Pisa, are filled with North American and British troops waiting to be sent home. "
Page 45. " He is a saint. I think. A despairing saint. "
Page 47. " Caravaggio, who had been her father's gregarious friend in Canada "

see In The Skin of the Lion

Page 49. " the Sicilian invasion "
Page 49. " The First Canadian Infantry Divison "

Page 50. " or someone who had served her food across a counter on Danforth Avenue "

Page 50. " He always said "Hi, Buddy" to me. "

Full quote of lyrics given is -

Each time I chanced to see Franklin D.

He always said "Hi, Buddy" to me.