"Field Marshal Blücher's timely intervention saved the day"

Marschall Vorwärts 1863
Public DomainMarschall Vorwärts 1863 - Credit: Johann Emil Hünten
Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher was a Prussian Field Marshall.  He was called "Marschall Vorwärts" (Marshal Forward) because of his strident approach to warfare. His military career was long and distinguished.  He defeated Napoleon I at Leipzig, and came out of retirement, at age 73, to defeat him again at Waterloo.  He nearly missed the battle.  The Prussians had sustained a serious defeat at Ligny, two days before, during which Blücher was repeatedly ridden over by cavalry, and lay trapped under his dead horse for several hours.  He was unable to resume command for some hours, but, after bathing his wounds in brandy, he rejoined his army. He immediately sent two Corps to join Wellington at Waterloo, and then led his army on an arduous march, arriving at Waterloo in the late afternoon of 18 June. The battle was hanging in the balance.  Blücher's vanguard dealt with Napoleon's reserves, while his main army joined with Wellington and scored a decisive victory over the French.