"the youthful President-For-Life Owain Glyndwr VII"
Owain Glyndwr statue Cardiff
Public DomainOwain Glyndwr statue Cardiff - Credit: Seth Wales

Owain Glyndwr was the last native Welshman to hold the title of Prince of Wales. He was born some time between 1349 and 1359, and is most famous for leading a revolt against English rule of Wales in 1400. In 1404 he was crowned king of Wales, but his reign lasted only four years. By 1408 Wales was once again under England's control.  Despite the revolt being crushed, Owain was never captured, and the end of his story remains a mystery.  He remains the inspirational figurehead of Welsh freedom. He is to Wales what William Wallace is to Scotland (despite Mel Gibson never having played him in a movie).

In the 1980’s an underground group of Welsh rebels, calling themselves the Sons of Glyndwr, or Meibion Glyndwr, went on a rampage, burning English holiday homes to the ground.