"I had one of the early Thylacines"
Public DomainThylacine - Credit: E. J. Kellar

The Thylacines are more commonly known as the Tasmanian wolf or Tasmanian Tiger. They would have at one stage been found all over Australia, New Guinea and Tasmania, but by the time of the arrival of Europeans to the region, they were mostly restricted to Tasmania. They were threatened by competition with dingo’s, dogs and habitat restrictions. Most tragically of all, they were considered to be pests and hunted in their thousands. The last known Thylacine, Benjamin, died in captivity in 1936, in the same year that they were given official protection.

Thylacinus cynocephalus
Public DomainThylacinus cynocephalus - Credit: John Gould

You can view rare footage of a Thylacine in captivity by clicking here. Many of the Australian marsupials have suffered the same fate and many of those that survive are still at risk. Hear more about this by clicking here.

The vast majority of marsupials are found in Australia, New Guinea and nearby islands. Marsupials give birth to underdeveloped young that continue their growth inside a brood pouch. Thylacines were particularly unusual in that both the male and the females have pouches.