"This is Daisy Mutlar, darling, Landy's fiancee"

Caricature of Weedon Grossmith
Public DomainCaricature of Weedon Grossmith - Credit: Leslie Ward in Vanity Fair, 1905
The Diary of a Nobody is an English comic novel by brothers George and Weedon Grossmith, with illustrations by Weedon.  It first appeared in Punch magazine in 1888-89, and was printed in book form in 1892. It is the fictitious record of fifteen months in the life of Mr Charles Pooter, a middle aged city clerk of lower middle class status and high aspirations.  He is married to Carrie, and they have a son called Lupin.  Daisy Mutlar is Lupin's unsuitable fiancée. The Grossmiths provide an accurate and humorous record of the manners, customs and experiences of Londoners in the late Victorian era.