"Imagine catching a meteorite!"

A meteorite is a piece of space debris that has fallen into the earth’s solar system and remains intact to land on the earth’s surface. 

Leonid Meteor Shower 1833
Public DomainLeonid Meteor Shower 1833 - Credit: E. Weiß


In case you are tempted to catch a meteor you can look for a local shower on this calender. If you aren’t feeling up to that challenge, you can always consider collecting meteor dust. The website, Starryskies.com, suggest that if you place a large container with some water in it high above sources of contamination from earthly dust, and leave it there for a couple of weeks you may catch some meteor dust. To be certain it isn’t just normal dust you can separate it out with a magnet, the high iron content in the meteor dust will cause it to stick to the magnet.