"the driver of a large Hispano-Suiza"

Hispano-Suiza, which translates as "Spanish-Swiss," is a Spanish automotive and engineering firm.  It is best known for its luxury cars and aviation engines in the pre-World War II period.  The company originated in 1898, when Spaniard Emilio de la Cuadra started producing electric automobiles in Barcelona. He was soon joined by Swiss engineer Marc Birkigt, who designed the company’s first gas-powered engines, and pioneered a number of aircraft design features.  These included a hollow propeller shaft allowing a gun to be fired through the propeller spinner. 

Hispano Suiza 1936
GNU Free Documentation LicenseHispano Suiza 1936 - Credit: Kévin Pourtout
The company mass-produced cars, trucks and aviation engines until the outbreak of World War 2.  Rolls-Royce automobiles featured many Hispano-Suiza patented features under licence, including their power brakes, which were reportedly the best in the world. 

Since the Second World War Hispano-Suiza has focused primarily on aerospace and turbine manufacturing.