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Page 12. " Brontës' Haworth House "

The Brontë children were all born in Thornton, Yorkshire. They moved to the five-bedroomed Haworth Parsonage in 1820.

The Parsonage today
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeThe Parsonage today - Credit: Carol Walker

At the time, Patrick and Maria Brontë had six children, of whom the youngest, Anne, was three months old.  Maria died not long after, in 1821. In 1825 the two oldest girls, Maria and Elizabeth, passed away. The four remaining children grew up to be one of the most famous families of the time. Charlotte, Emily and Anne were all accomplished authors.

Patrick Brontë outlived all his six children and died in the house in 1864. The house is now a museum. For 360 degree views of the house and its interior click here.

Emily Brontë on Book Drum