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Page 243. " Liddington Hill overlooks the RAF and later Luftwaffe airfield of Wroughton "
Liddington Hill panoramic
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeLiddington Hill panoramic - Credit: Brian Robert Marshall
At over 900 feet, Liddington Hill, south of Swindon, can be seen for miles around.  At the top of the hill is Liddington Castle, a late Bronze Age/early Iron Age hill fort, first occupied in the seventh century BC. Archeological evidence suggests that the fort was abandoned during the fifth century BC, with perhaps some later re-occupation during the Roman period.

During World War II a "Starfish Decoy Control Bunker" was erected on Liddington Hill.  Its purpose was to create localised fires which would fool enemy bombers and hopefully prevent them from targeting Swindon, or the RAF Wroughton Air Force station.

RAF Wroughton was operational from the late 1930s through the 1970s.  While it is no longer a military installation, the airfield and some of the original buildings still exist, as does the starfish bunker.