Page 177. " some kind of deer; chinkara perhaps? "

Chinkara in the Gir Forest
Creative Commons AttributionChinkara in the Gir Forest - Credit: Shyamal
The chinkara is also known as the Indian Gazelle.  They live in dry, arid grasslands and deserts, mainly in western and northwestern India as well as in parts of Bangladesh, Pakistan and Iran.  The chinkara is a solitary animal but is sometimes found in small groups.  Their diet consists of grass and other types of vegetation; they can go for long periods without drinking water.

Page 189. " stationed in Agra "

Agra Main Street, 1858
Public DomainAgra Main Street, 1858 - Credit: Abhishekjoshi
Agra is a city in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India.  It is now a major tourist destination due to its large number of historical sites and buildings, including the famous Taj Mahal.


Page 199. " only a junior boxwallah "

Boxwallahs were travelling merchants commonly seen in India during the late 19th and early 20th century.  They took their name from the large boxes in which they carried their wares.