Page 233. " howl of a jackal-pack "

Black backed jackal
Public DomainBlack backed jackal - Credit: Simyre
The jackal is an animal found in parts of Asia, Africa and eastern Europe.  They belong to the Canidae family and are predators and scavengers.  Jackals are normally found alone or in a pair, but sometimes gather in small packs. 


Page 241. " involved in a discussion on falconry "

Falconry is a sport in which birds of prey are used to hunt game.  As well as falcons, other types of bird can be used e.g. hawks, eagles and buzzards. 

The video below provides more information on the history and techniques of falconry.  You may also find the following websites of interest.

British Falconers Club website

The Falconers Web


Page 250. " the girls could attend without the necessity of keeping strict purdah "

The word purdah means curtain and refers to the prevention of women from being seen by men or strangers.  Although it is associated with the Hindu and Islamic religions, it is usually a cultural tradition rather than a religious one.  Purdah can mean either complete separation of men and women (e.g. with the use of private women's areas such as a zenana) or the wearing of burqas and veils.