Page 327. " in the shade of a neem tree "

Neem tree
GNU Free Documentation LicenseNeem tree - Credit: Gpics
The Neem tree belongs to the mahogany family and is found in India and other parts of Asia.  It has been found to have many medicinal properties and is commonly used in Ayurvedic medicine. 

Page 330. " datura is a plant that grows wild in many parts of India "

Datura stramonium
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeDatura stramonium - Credit: Polyparadigm

The book goes on to tell us that datura has white, lily-like flowers with a sweet scent and a round, green seed which is highly poisonous. 

Daturas contain tropane alkaloids which can cause delirium, hyperthermia, amnesia and even death, meaning it has historically been a common poison used for suicide or murder, particularly in India and parts of Europe. 

Page 336. " to shoot black-buck for the pot "

Male and female Blackbuck
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeMale and female Blackbuck - Credit: VirenVaz
The blackbuck is a species of antelope which was once one of the most abundant animals in India.  The male has very distinctive twisted horns.  Due to hunting, poaching and loss of habitat, India's blackbuck population has decreased significantly.

Page 340. " a brown, turgid curtain of darkness that spanned the horizon "

Dust storms and sandstorms are common in arid and semi-arid areas, mainly in Asia,

Dust storm - Gold Coast, Australia
Public DomainDust storm - Gold Coast, Australia - Credit: LunarBlitz
Africa and parts of Australia and North America.  The wind can carry huge amounts of dust, giving the impression of a solid wall.  The picture to the right shows a dust storm at the Gold Coast, Australia.