Page 401. " in the direction of a shrine to Kali "
Public Domainkali

Kali is the Hindu goddess of time and change.  She is a consort of the god Shiva and is often depicted standing on top of him.  She is also usually shown with either four or ten arms, a long tongue and wearing a necklace of human skulls. 

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Page 403. " an old, sly, vicious mandrill "

GNU Free Documentation LicenseMandrill - Credit: Malene
The mandrill is the largest species of monkey in the world.  Closely related to baboons, they belong to the Cercopithecidae family and live in the tropical rainforests and woodlands of Africa.  They are very colourful animals - the male has a distinctive red and blue snout and orange/yellow beard. 

Page 404. " uniformed servants dispensed glasses of cold sherbet "

Sherbet is a cold drink popular in India and the Middle East.  It is traditionally prepared with fruits, sugar, extracts of flowers, and a variety of spices.  The name 'sherbet' comes from the Arabic word shariba which means 'to drink'.

The World's First Soft Drink

Page 418. " I speak of Manu's law "

Brahma, the Hindu god of creation
Public DomainBrahma, the Hindu god of creation - Credit: Ranveig
The Laws of Manu (or Manusmriti) is a work of Hindu literature first translated into English by Sir William Jones in 1794.  It has been the subject of controversy due to the negative views on women and Shudras (the lowest class in the Hindu caste system).  It is considered to contain the laws and teachings of Brahma, as conveyed by the sage Manu.