Page 476. " the Emperor Akbar's great stone fort "

Attock Fort was built from 1581-1583 during the reign of Emperor Akbar the Great.  Attock is a city in Pakistan.  The River Indus flows through the western and northern parts of the district. 

Attock Fort
Public DomainAttock Fort - Credit: CountingPine

Page 485. " The Amir, Shere Ali "

Sher Ali Khan
Public DomainSher Ali Khan - Credit: John Burke
Shere Ali Khan was the son of Dost Mohammed Khan.  From 1863-1866 and again from 1868-1879 he was Amir of Afghanistan.  During the Second Anglo-Afghan War, he left Kabul and sought asylum in Russia.  He died in 1879 and his son Mohammad Yaqub Khan succeeded him as Amir. 

Page 491. " the Dal Lake was ablaze with lotus blossoms "
Dal Lake
Public DomainDal Lake - Credit: Yogeshgupta26

The Dal Lake is located in Srinagar in the Kashmir Valley.  The shores of the lake are lined with beautiful gardens and parks.  Flora and fauna found around the lake include lotus flowers, water chestnuts, kingfishers and heron.