Page 754. " Her Majesty's Prime Minister, Lord Beaconsfield "

Benjamin Disraeli
Public DomainBenjamin Disraeli - Credit: Connormah
Benjamin Disraeli, 1st Earl of Beaconsfield, was Britain's Prime Minister from 20 February 1874-21 April 1880 and again from 27 February 1868-1 December 1868.  Unlike his rival, William Gladstone, he enjoyed a good relationship with Queen Victoria. - Benjamin Disraeli biography

Page 757. " held by Sir Sam Browne "
Sir Sam Browne
Public DomainSir Sam Browne - Credit: Hephaestos

Sir Samuel James Browne was a cavalry officer in the British Indian Army.  Browne commanded the Peshawar Field Force in the Second Anglo-Afghan War and his achievements included the capture of the fortress of Ali Masjid.

Browne had suffered an injury during the Indian Mutiny of 1857 resulting in his left arm being severed.  Finding it difficult to control his sword with one hand, Browne came up with a new kind of belt which would hold the sword in the desired position.  The belt was quickly adopted by other officers and became known as the Sam Browne Belt.

Page 760. " like Sinbad's Old Man of the Sea "


Illustration from Sinbad the Sailor
Public DomainIllustration from Sinbad the Sailor

The story of Sinbad the Sailor appears in One Thousand and One Nights (sometimes known as Arabian Nights).  The Old Man of the Sea was a monstrous sea-dwelling figure whom Sinbad met on his fifth voyage.  He clung to Sinbad's back and could not be shaken off.  Eventually, Sinbad made him get drunk so that he fell off and Sinbad could escape.


Page 763. " over the Lataband "
Lataband Road
GNU Free Documentation LicenseLataband Road - Credit: Slap882

The Lataband is a mountain pass in Afghanistan which connects the cities of Kabul and Jalalabad.  The picture illustrates the Lataband Road leading through the mountains.

Page 764. " the battle for the Peiwar Kotal "

Battle of Peiwar Kotal
Public DomainBattle of Peiwar Kotal - Credit: Raoulduke47
The Battle of Peiwar Kotal was one of the opening battles of the Second Anglo-Afghan War.  It was fought in November 1878 and was a victory for the British forces over the Afghans.  The British were able to seize control of the Peiwar Kotal Pass, a route into Afghanistan through the mountains.

Page 774. " and as the trestle bridge "

Wooden trestles
GNU Free Documentation LicenseWooden trestles - Credit: Meggar
A trestle bridge consists of several short spans supported by rigid frames.  Timber trestles were built during the 19th and early 20th centuries - today steel and concrete trestles are popular.