Page 779. " the road leading to Gandamak "
The Battle of Gandamak
Public DomainThe Battle of Gandamak - Credit: Mercenary2k

Gandamak is a village in Afghanistan.  It is located on the old road to Kabul and is around 35 miles from Jalalabad.  The Battle of Gandamak, part of the First Anglo-Afghan War, took place here on 13th January, 1842.

The picture to the left shows a painting of the battle by the artist William Barnes Wollen.

Page 792. " be awarded the Victoria Cross "

Victoria Cross
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeVictoria Cross - Credit: Woody
The Victoria Cross is awarded to members of the armed forces in the UK and some Commonwealth countries or former British Empire territories.  It is awarded for bravery or acts of valour 'in the presence of the enemy'.  The following website provides information on the burial locations of Victoria Cross holders in the UK.

Page 793. " a Treaty of Peace had been signed in Gandamak "

Gandamak, 1879
Public DomainGandamak, 1879 - Credit: Officer
The Treaty of Gandamak was signed on 26th May 1879 at a British camp near Gandamak, Afghanistan.  It marked the end of the first phase of the Second Anglo-Afghan War.  It was signed by Mohammad Yaqub Khan (the Amir of Afghanistan) and Sir Pierre Louis Napoleon Cavagnari, a British military administrator.  The Treaty allowed a British envoy to enter Kabul. 

In the picture to the left, the Amir is seated in the centre and Cavagnari second from the left.