Page 929. " a Viking chieftain going to Valhalla "

Public Domain"Walhalla" by Max Brückner - Credit: Bloodofox
According to Norse Mythology, some of the great warriors who die in combat are led by the valkyries to Valhalla, the Great Hall of Odin.  Valhalla is part of the realm of Asgard, of which Odin is the ruler.

Page 935. " of Inistioge and his parents "

A bridge in Inistioge
Public DomainA bridge in Inistioge - Credit: Edward
Inistioge is a village situated on the River Nore in County Kilkenny, Ireland.  Walter Hamilton, whom we meet in The Far Pavilions, was a real person and did actually come from Inistioge, as mentioned in the book. 

Page 936. " from the Aeneid "

Federico Barocci - Aeneas' Flight from Troy
Public DomainFederico Barocci - Aeneas' Flight from Troy - Credit: AndreasPraefcke
The Aeneid is an epic poem written in Latin by the Roman poet Virgil.  It is considered one of the greatest and most important poems in literature.  The poem consists of 12 books and describes the adventures of the Trojan hero Aeneas and his journey to Rome following the destruction of Troy.

Read The Aeneid online:

Virgil's "The Aeneid" at The Internet Classics Archive

Page 938. " one of Charlemagne's Paladins "

The Song of Roland
Public DomainThe Song of Roland - Credit: Suguri F
Paladin is a term used to refer to a knight belonging to the court of Charlemagne, King of the Franks.  The word is thought to have been first used in the ancient French epic, The Song of Roland.  It has now come to be used to describe any knight, such as the Knights of the Round Table in Arthurian legend.

Page 944. " his cousin Abdur Rahman "

Abdur Rahman Khan
Public DomainAbdur Rahman Khan - Credit: Sherurcij
Abdur Rahman was Amir of Afghanistan from 1880 to 1901.  He was a strong ruler, something which was very much needed in the years following the Second Anglo-Afghan War.  He died on 1st October 1901 and was succeeded by his son Habibullah Khan.