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North-West Frontier Province
Mountains in NWFP
Creative Commons AttributionMountains in NWFP - Credit: Steve Evans

The North-West Frontier Province (NWFP) is today one of Pakistan's four provinces. Most of the population are Pashtuns (referred to as Pathans in The Far Pavilions), with Pashto being the main language used in the province.  The area has a beautiful and varied landscape, with a contrasting mixture of mountainous and hilly regions, forests and green plains.

The Khyber Pass links the province to Afghanistan in the north-west.



Old city gate of Peshawar
Creative Commons AttributionOld city gate of Peshawar - Credit: Willard84

Peshawar, the capital city of the NWFP, is located on the edge of the Khyber Pass. As part of the historic Silk Road, Peshawar became a centre of trade between South and Central Asia, Afghanistan and the Middle East, and was able to draw on the culture and learning of all of these different civilisations. 

Peshawar is frequently mentioned in The Far Pavilions, along with other NWFP cities such as Mardan, where the British regiment, the Corps of Guides, established their frontier cantonment.