"early editions of Baedeker"

Founded in 1827, Baedeker was a publishing house which became famous for its guide books.  The first English edition (a guide to the area around the Rhine) was published in 1861 and the name Baedeker rapidly became a shorthand in English for any guide book.  More on the history of these books can be found at the Baedeker wiki.

The equipment advice in the 1898 Baedeker guide to Egypt begins with precise, nearly exhaustive detail:

"For all ordinary puposes a couple of light tweed suits, a few flannel and soft cotton shirts, a supply of thick woollen socks, one pair of light and easy boots, one of shoes and one of slippers, a moderately warm Ulster or long travelling cloak, a pith-helmet and soft felt hat [...]"

and continues in this vein for a further 21 lines.