Page 326. " the Great Drive up to Windsor Castle "

The Great Drive at Windsor Castle
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeThe Great Drive at Windsor Castle - Credit: Diliff

Page 328. " unaccustomed to the Delphic "

"Delphic" refers to the oracle at Delphi, the most famous source of prophecy in the ancient world, but accustomed to giving its pronouncements in very cryptic form.

Page 341. " all those loathsome succubi "

Succubi are demons who take the form of women in order to have sex with mortal men.

Page 345. " whispered the Lord's Prayer "

The Lord's Prayer is the best-known prayer in Christianity and appears in the Bible, where Jesus teaches it to his followers.  It is a very simple, short prayer and as such is often the first prayer taught to Christian children.  The full text of the prayer can be found here.

Page 345. " militant elite led by Bradlaugh "

Caricature of Bradlaugh from Punch (1881)
Public DomainCaricature of Bradlaugh from Punch (1881)
Charles Bradlaugh (1833-1891) was a politician, an atheist and the founder of the National Secular Society in 1866.  His social principles (including support for women's suffrage and opposition to the monarchy) led him to clash with the authorities, as a result of which he was arrested a number of times.