Page 170. " Voltaire wrote that Dante was a madman "



"Everybody with a spark of good sense ought to blush at that monstrous assemblage in hell of Dante and Virgil, of Saint Peter and Madonna Beatrice. There are to be found among us, in the 18th century, people who force themselves to admire feats of imagination as stupidly extravagent and as barbarous as this; they have the brutality to oppose them to the masterpieces of genius, wisdom, and eloquence, that we have in our language."" 

Voltaire by John Morley

Page 175. " I’ve already arranged a place in Phoenix Hall "

The rehabilitation home for burn victims 'Phoenix Hall' takes it's name the phoenix of Greek mythology. It is a fire bird that at the end of it's life cycle ignites and is reborn as a young phoenix from the ashes.