Page 77. " Not a Gargoyle. It's a grotesque. A gargoyle's a waterspout. "
Page 78. " My Morgengabe "

Morgengabe translates as 'morning gift', a provision left for a wife by husband should he succeed her in death. The 'morning gift' practice was derived from a German tradition in which the bridegroom gave to his wife a gift on the morning after the wedding night as confimation the marriage had been consummated and the bride been proven a virgin.

Page 80. " they took me to the prioress "
Page 80. " the armarius- that's he master scribe- of the Engelthal scriptorium "
Page 81. " she had been born on Good Friday "
Page 82. " Revelations and The Sister-Book of Engelthal "
Page 82. " The Life of Sister Gertrude of Engelthal "
Page 82. " The Gnaden-vita of Friedrich Sunder "
Page 84. " I knew that Pope Clement had moved the papacy to Avignon "

Pope Clement V (1305–1314)

Page 84. " the righteousness of the late Pope Boniface "

Pope Boniface VIII

Page 85. " his life in Firenze "