"there I was sitting in the kitchen thinking about Robespierre, not to mention Frank Duff"

Veronica recieved a College education which would have opened up a whole world of possibilites outside of the narrow confines of a Catholic education and upbringing. Her father has just discovered she is carrying condoms in her handbag and loses his temper shouting at her calling her names that even she knows he doesn't believe.  Mentioning Robespierre and Frank Duff in the one sentence indicates Veronica thought long and hard about morality. Frank Duff, one of the founding fathers of the Legion of Mary helped 'fallen women'. Robespierre was a one of the best known figures of the French Revolution (1758-1794). He was a Deist, believing in a Supreme Being who created men to help each other to love each other and to attain happiness by way of virtue