"After five days of it, they headed off to Mayo "

Mayo is a large, essentialy rural county on the west coast of Ireland. It would be one of the least populated counties in the country but has a wild beauty about it. It is very popular with tourists from Europe and the USA. To this day between sixty and eighty percent of children who grow up in Mayo are forced to leave it to find work. There are no indigenous industries although it is felt that in the future Ireland's majestic but barren west coast will serve as sites for windmills and dams to harness the power of wind and wave and provide electricity not only for Ireland but for export to Europe via an inter-connector. Mayo is home to the CĂ©ide Fields - these were uncovered as one of the most extensive pre-bog field systems of the Neolithic period, preserved for aeons by the blanket bog.The Irish Famine of 1845-1848 decimated the population of Mayo in particular and it has never repopulated to pre Famine levels.