Page 129. " She rented the same Nissan Micra she had driven to Appelviken a few weeks earlier. "

Public DomainMicra
Not Salanders first choice you would think. Nissan Micra is a small car, typically used by young single working women and as a second family car. It is all part of her clandestine life style.


Page 144. " Salander, he could see, was an uncanny chess player. She had obviously never played for a club, and when he mentioned that the game seemed to have been a variant of a classic game by Lasker, she gave him an incomprehensible look. "

Public DomainLasker
1868 –  1941 - A German chess player and mathematician to this day regarded by many as one of the strongest ever chess players. He was the world champion for 27 years.

Page 148. " She had not been in a bar since she came back, and – just her luck – she had run into him. Kalle Bastard Blomkvist. "
Public DomainKalle
Kalle Blomkvist keeps coming up so it is worth an illustration here. He is a fictional boy detective created by the Swedish writer Astrid Lindgren. Our Blomkvist was given this as a nick name early in his journalism career when he caught an infamous group of bank robbers. He hates the nick name. In the image Kalle is the kid with the specks on.