Page 333. " Bublanski was a Polish Jew, while Agnes’ family – the few who had survived Auschwitz – were originally from Hungary. "

Stockholm Synagogue
Public DomainStockholm Synagogue
This is the Synagogue Bublanski must have gone to. Sweden was neutral during WWII but did take in a great number of Jews, thus saving them from Nazi persecution. After the war Sweden continued to take in Jewish refugees.

Page 339. " Take the Rahman case. "

  This guy Rahman was indeed wrongly accused and sentenced for murdering an elderly woman with a noose. Only in 2002 did he get granted a retrial and was acquitted with a compensation payment of around 1.7 million pounds. With this money he set up a charitable organization. He has since been accused of murder again (January 2010) when the treasurer of the trust fund was found dead.