Page 351. " Wu had appeared in Benita Costa’s show at the Gay Pride Festival, "

Stockholm Pride started in 1998 and runs for a whole week. The Parade is the highlight which attracts thousands of spectators. This youtube video although a little long does capture some of the atmosphere of the parade day.

Page 354. " It was a scandal, Teleborian claimed. "

"Mental health care is part of health and medical care. The basis of mental health care and social services for the mentally ill is that people with mental illness or a psychiatric disability should have the same rights and obligations as other groups in society. The Governments focus is for service, support and care to be provided in forms that are as open and normalised as possible. Services should be designed so as to support the independence and integrity of the individual." From the Swedish Government Mental Health Care Website -


Teleborian seems well out of kilter with the general thrust of current Swedish policy. On the other hand there are statistics that show the numbers of mental health in patients has remained constant since the 90's.

Page 360. " Salander got full administrator rights for Ottosson, who had left her Dell P.C. laptop in an unlocked desk drawer. "

There is a bit of a ‘Mac’s for the cool characters’ and ‘PC’s for the dull ones’ going on here.

Page 373. " she took the number 4 bus across Västerbron to St Eriksplan. "

Public DomainVasterbron
Another of these huge bridges that crisscross Stockholms many water ways.