Page 378. " Quite a few immigrant kids. "

Sweden has a great variety of ethnicity from a long history of immigration and taking in refugees. Presently, according to Wikipedia, the non Scandinavian or European immigrant population is made up (2008 figures) of 28.2% Asian, 7.1% African, 4.8% South American, 2.2% North American, 8.5% Iraqi, with 5.6% Yugoslav and 5.6% Polish from Eastern Europe. However, other Scandinavians make up the largest immigrant group with the Fins being the largest among them at 13.7%.

Page 380. " She ony had one style, which we called Terminator Mode. "

This is literally a blast from the past. Watch it and remind yourself of this Sci-Fi classic and see why they named Salanders fighting technique after Schwarzenegger’s character. As the book reaches the climax this reference becomes even more apposite.