Page 60. " Part II From Russia with Love "

A cryptic title referencing the research on the Swedish sex trade which is at the heart of the story.

From Russia with Love is of course the title of a James Bond novel and movie.

Remind yourself of the classic with the movie trailer courtsey of youtube:

Page 71. " She ate a meal consisting of a Billy’s Pan Pizza, which she heated in the microwave, and a slice of apple pie. "

She practically lives of these piazzas. Here is an ad for them on youtube - the Swedes obviously take their pizza seriously.


Page 74. " She borrowed an evening paper from the next table and learned that eh social democrats were still the ruling party, and that nothing of great moment seemed to have occurred in Sweden while she had been away. "

The Social Democrats are the largest and oldest party in Sweden, founded in 1889.

They have a rather funky logo:

Swedish Social Democrats Logo
Public DomainSwedish Social Democrats Logo