"For the Time Being they had no surname because Ammu was considering reverting back to her maiden name, though she said that choosing between her husband's name and her father's name didn't give a woman much of a choice."

This quote speaks to Ammu's contempt for both of the men in her life. Escaping her father's tyrannical rulings, she runs straight into the arms of her drunken, physically abusive husband. Ending the marriage after the birth of her twins, and running back home to Ayemenem see's Ammu left in a state of no longer living; merely existing. She is scorned and seen as lower class as a result of her failed marriage, and her fatherless children are sometimes referred to as Untouchable. Ammu voices her contempt for the patriarchal running and ultimate ruining of her life in this quote.

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Women's Rights
Public DomainWomen's Rights - Credit: Anatoliy Omelchenko and Nataliia Lyzenko