Page 51. " He had an incipient second chin that would have been emphasized had he looked down "

A chin that is just beginning to appear or start to develop

Page 54. " the house on the other side of the river. Looming with darkness. A house they couldn't enter, full of whispers they couldn't understand. They didnt know, that soo they would go in. That they would cross the river and be where they weren't supposed to be, with a man they weren't supposed to love "

I found that this qoute from page 54-55 described the best whta was happening through out the whole book. It described that they weren't supposed to love certain people or weren't supposed to be certain places. It shows the extent of restriction based on these religious beliefs. When they did something they weren't supposed to bad things happen hense the death of Sophie Mol and the beating and later death of Velutha.

Page 61. " Mercurochrome "

Merchrurochrome - A topical antiseptic used for minor cuts and scrapes. It is bright red in colour.

Page 64. " Onner. Runder. Moonner "

These are malayalam numbers.

Onner is the number 1. Runder is the number 2. Moonner is the number 3.