Page 161. " going to sit in the lobby of the Beverly-Wilshire Hotel "
The Beverly Wilshire Hotel
Public DomainThe Beverly Wilshire Hotel - Credit: Los Angeles Times
The Beverly-Wilshire Hotel is a luxury hotel on Wilshire Boulevard in Beverly Hills.  It has undergone numerous renovations and is now part of the Four Seasons chain.
Page 170. " Joads and Wilsons were in flight across the Panhandle "
Tenantless Farm, Texas Panhandle, 1938
Public DomainTenantless Farm, Texas Panhandle, 1938 - Credit: Dorothea Lange


Texas Panhandle
GNU Free Documentation LicenseTexas Panhandle - Credit: H2O, Wikipedia

The Texas Panhandle is the northernmost region of the state, bordered by New Mexico and Oklahoma.  The majority of residents are white conservatives.

It is now one of the fastest-growing wind power producing regions in America.


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