Page 229. " Folks roun' about use' ta say I sung as nice as Jenny Lind "

Johanna 'Jenny' Maria Lind, the "Swedish Nightingale", was a Swedish opera singer.  Famous in Europe throughout the 1840s, she didn't gain recognition in America until her first performance there in 1850.  She proved so popular that the National Theater in Washington DC was enlarged for her performance, and the entire police force was deployed to keep order.

Page 245. " There was a Hooverville on the edge of every town "
Hooverville, Portland, 1936
Public DomainHooverville, Portland, 1936 - Credit: Arthur Rothstein

 Hoovervilles were camps and shanty towns built by the homeless during the Great Depression.  They consisted of tents and trucks and, after a while, huts made from wood and corrugated iron. They were a common sight on the outskirts of many towns around the US.

They took their name from the President who had let the country slide into depression, a name which was also adopted for Hoover blankets (newspapers) and Hoover flags (empty pockets).