Page 357. " The music snarled out Chicken Reel "

A dance tune composed in 1910.  Originally a novelty song used in early animations, it has since become a staple in modern folk. 

Listen on Spotify: Chicken Reel


Page 360. " the music of Ol' Dan Tucker skirled and whined from the string band "

Ol' Dan Tucker is a popular American song.  Its origins are unknown, but it entered folk vernacular around the mid 1800s.  The rhythm lends itself well to dances, and its simplicity and repetitive nature has led it to be adapted, with verses added and changed, to suit many different purposes. 

Bruce Springsteen recorded the most recent popular version.

Page 370. " Jus' a piece a slack lime. Foun' a big hunk. "
Slaked lime, or calcium hydroxide, is a crystal or white powder usually found around volcanic, plutonic and metamorphic rocks.  It's relatively rare, but has sometimes been found in burning coal dumps.  Ingesting the chemical can lead to vomiting, diarrhea and severe pain, although these effects might not have been widely known at the time.