Page 92. " He liked a book. Pilgrim's Progress. "
Pilgrim's Progress
Public DomainPilgrim's Progress

Pilgrim's Progress is a 1678 novel by John Bunyan.  Written during a stint in jail for holding religious services outside of an established church, it is laden with religious metaphors and has remained immensely popular ever since its publication. 

There are parallels to the Joads' story, as the main character Christian journeys from the 'City of Destruction' to the 'Celestial City'.



Page 95. " I read a book name' The Winning of Barbara Worth "

The Winning of Barbara Worth by Harold Bell Wright tells the story of an eastern Dandy who moves to the southeastern desert of California and is transformed, physically and mentally, into a true man of the west. It was made into a movie (1926) starring Gary Cooper.




It is Harold Bell Wright's only historical novel, detailing the events that lead to the creation of the Salton Sea.


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Page 95. " It was the Dr Miles' Almanac he got mixed up "

Public DomainAlmanac
Almanacs are calendars of eclipses, tides, church festivals and the movements of the sun and moon amongst other things.

Miles Laboratories published Almanacs in the early to mid Twentieth Century.