"the beast that was Miss Lupescu"
St. Dominic and the Domini Canis,
Creative Commons AttributionSt. Dominic and the Domini Canis, "Hound of God" - Credit: Fergal OP

Like Silas, Miss Lupescu is a "solitary type". A clue to her identity is given in her name: Lupescu is a well-known Romanian surname derived from "lup", the Romanian word for "wolf".

Although werewolves are generally portrayed negatively in legend, Gaiman's "Hound of God", like his vampire, is a force for good.

"Hound of God" is also a name associated with the founder of the Dominican religious order. In iconography, St. Dominic is most often portrayed with a dog. This Domini Canis, or "Hound of God", is said to reflect the Dominican spirit of study, inquiry, and pursuit of truth. Miss Lupescu, a stern but faithful instructor, exemplifies this ideal.