Page 130. " a small hand-scythe "

Page 139. " What kind of dance is it? "

In an online Q & A entry, Gaiman discusses the origins of the Macabray. Danse Macabre literally means "macabre dance", but is often translated as "Dance of Death" and is a Medieval allegory on the universality of death.

French composer Camille Saint-Saëns wrote Danse Macabre, which plays at the beginning and conclusion of the novel's audiobook.

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Page 141. " The scissors, Lady Mayoress "

The Mayoress or Mayor of a British town or city is usually a ceremonial position only, given to a local dignitary who is responsible for officiating at civic events.  Very rarely does a mayor have any actual power or governing responsibilities, although this does sometimes happen: London has a mayor with executive powers, as do Middlesborough and Bedford.