Page 252. " Hush, Jack Tar. All right. "

Jack Tar is a British slang term for sailors used between the late eighteenth and mid nineteenth century.

Page 252. " known as the Jacks of All Trades "

The author's use of the name Jack may be a wink at the Jacquerie, a fourteenth century revolt by French peasants which became a term used of all peasant revolts.

French nobility in the pre-revolutionary period often referred dismissively to all peasants as "Jacques". This exacerbated the tensions between the classes that were a cause of the revolts.

In Dicken's A Tale of Two Cities, which is set at the time of the French revolution, three nefarious low born revolutionaries share the name Jacques.

Page 252. " or the Knaves "

"Knave" is another name for a jack in a deck of cards

It is also a somewhat old-fashioned word for a deceitful, crafty rogue.

Page 263. " a game of Murder in the Dark "

Murder in the Dark is a children's game, played in a darkened room or house.